It’s about 8 weeks to go

until we kick off at 5pm on Friday 28th April so we’ve tons of information and news to bring you this week!  We’ve now ordered all the gins from across the UK and some international ones too.  After some debate we’ve got a plan on how we’re splitting them up so you’ll find a bar from England, one with gins from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, a fruity bar and the International one.  We’re stocking each bar up with fruits, spices, fresh herbs and half a dozen different tonics and mixers from Fever Tree, there are recommendations on what works well together if the choice is a bit overwhelming but it’s also free choice.

With the beer background of many of the organisers we couldn’t pass up the opportunity for some gins from brewers so we’ve got the Zymurgorium and Northern Monk collaboration Black Hop Gin, some Copper House from Adnams, the new prototypes from Brew Dog, Lone Wolf and Michelle from Offbeat‘s blend made at the Gin Pantry, a spicy tangerine gin.

With the fruity bar we’ve got all kinds of pink gins with strawberries, raspberries, bilberries, sloes and blackcurrants thrown in plus some elderflower and some that really embrace the citrus fruits with lemons and limes galore.  Don’t miss James from Salopian Spirits who’ll be there all weekend doing some pourings of his gin and strawberry white rum.

On the England bar we’ve got a great mix, a barrel aged gin from Cotswold Distillery, local gins from Cheshire, Staffordshire, Manchester and some further afield.  Some are traditional juniper forward and others embrace local botanicals from around their distilleries.  Similarly the Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland bar embraces gins with local produce and some foraging from the distillers as well as some classic styles.

With the International bar we’ve a mix of gins from across Europe and a couple of American ones too.  The gin scene in Spain has been huge for a while, we’ve some great French gins too – the G’vine Floraison is a particular favourite.

Also on Friday evening we have the Gintleman there, try some of his Martin Miller’s serves and his Talk On The Train.  Definitely adding a touch of glamour to the proceedings!

Gin is only one part of what Berries, Beans & Beer is all about – we’ve also got a wine bar from Rodney Densem, the beer bar, the bottle beer bar from Otter’s Tears, the cider bar from The Real Cider Co, the soda bar and the coffee bar from Has Bean.  We’ve more news coming from all our partners and our street food traders in the next few weeks.

Tickets are available online through Eventbrite or by clicking here or you can buy on the door.  Tickets are £7 which includes £4 worth of drink tokens.


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