The big countdown

For #Crewe, #Nantwich #Cheshire and beyond, our drinks festival with a twist is racing ever closer. 6 weeks until the doors open for the weekend on Friday 28th April at 5pm.

We’ve 80 gins and an array of fresh fruits, herbs and spices, 35 beer taps from lagers to stouts and encompassing some hoppy numbers and weird and wild stuff in the middle too.  We’ve an amazing selection of bottled beers in the lineup from Otter’s Tears which you can drink on site or takeaway.  We’ve a fully loaded cider bar from Real Cider Company and the wine and prosecco bar from Rodney Densem.

For the underage and the drivers we’ve a soda selection plus fantastic coffees from Stafford roasters Hasbean.  Don’t miss your free coffee with a Saturday or Sunday ticket between 11 and 12.

And if that’s not enough we’ve got Vavoom in Friday night and the Age of Plastic on Saturday.

We’ve three great food traders cooking all weekend, more about them very soon.

Tickets are £7 for Friday night, £7 for all day Saturday and £5 for Sunday 11 – 6pm which includes £4 worth of drink tokens.  You can get your tickets online here.

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