Day 1 done, Day 2 begins

And what a day (ok, night) it was!  We’re amazed how busy it was, great to see a good crowd of people in there enjoying beer/gin/wine/cider/soda/bottlebeers.

Vavoom were amazing as always, I saw a lot of people taking photos and ‘going live’, please tag us with @bbbcrewe on Facebook,  Twitter and Instagram as we would love to see them.

A huge thank you goes out to our volunteers, Offbeat is a business of 1 so everyone else has given up their time to help in return for some drink tokens.  They’ve been amazing, Berries couldn’t have happened without them and they’ve jumped in at the deep end and picked everything up.  Much love to our team.

So today it’s £7 entry, advance tickets for today are now closed so you can pay on the door.  We open at 11 with Viva La Toastie cooking up some breakfast bacon and cheese toasties and Hasbean pouring up some of their free freshly brewed coffee.  Hasbean are with us until 3pm to help chase the hangovers away!

We’ve a full schedule of Talks on the Train this afternoon with brewers and distillers to be met, their wares sampled and chats to be had.  These sessions are only £3.  We will be taking names at the front desk but pay on the board the train, we have 36 seats available for each session.

This evening we welcome The Age Of Plastic on stage, they sound great and can’t wait to welcome them in.

Thanks again for your support and we hope you had a great night if you were with us last night and a great day lies ahead for today’s visitors.

Please keep liking, sharing and tagging @bbbcrewe.

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