Press pause 

The last load of bars and furniture are going on the van and off to storage and Offbeat Brewery is in dire need of a good sort out before #FirstyFriday this week but the first Berries, Beans & Beer has been a great success.  With nearly 1000 people through the door over the weekend it was way busier than we dared hope or dream.

We owe a huge load of thank yous to a huge number of people; the visitors for turning up and enjoying the event, Clucking Oinks, Jordys Pizza, Viva La Toastie, Hasbean coffee, Otter’s Tears, The Real Cider Company, and Rodney Densem Wine people for adding their offerings alongside our gin and beer bars, Vavoom and The Age Of Plastic for the music, Nick Bayes for the stage and sound setup and lastly our team of volunteers who gave up their weekends in return for a few drink tokens and a meal ticket to help us out. We couldn’t have done it without any of them.  Finally to the Crewe Heritage Centre for accommodating us, they’ve been great to deal with and it’s been a brilliant space.

From a personal point as Michelle of Offbeat I’d like to extend a thank you to the other 6 people involved in getting this off the ground. Without Sarah, Simon, David, Chris, Phil and Rachel’s support and opinions it wouldn’t have come together how it did.

And on that note we will leave you in peace.  We are returning to our day jobs, businesses and new babies to recover and regroup and will be back in touch.


  1. You and the team of organisers did a fantastic job – the quality and vibe of this first festival was first class (see the railway reference there) and reflects the huge efforts you all put into it.

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