So that was Berries, Beans & Beer 2018

It couldn’t have happened without this gang and a couple of others who couldn’t be there on the day but as friends and colleagues go they’ve helped make Berries, Beans & Beer a phenomenal success this year.

There’s part of me feels an apology is due for beers, rums, gins and food running out but we had no idea how many people were going to come through those doors yesterday and it was way up on last year. We always take criticisms and learn from them, if we do Berries, Beans & Beer again we maybe need more beer, more tokens, more volunteers, more programmes, more seats etc…

For now we’re a pretty tired crew, most didn’t get a moment to sit down yesterday and food got left uneaten while we were racing round trying to keep up with everything and we’ve still got to pack everything up and return it to various storage places. Sending the Berries volunteers big love!

And obviously to you, the people who came out to support this event, thank you too!

Laters, Michelle

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