It’s almost 4 weeks since Berries, Beans & Beer 2018 and now the dust has settled we are looking at what we can do to improve #bbbCrewe for 2019 (26th & 27th April btw).

Some things are obvious; we need more beer and everything that goes along with serving it, we could really do with some more helpers for the Saturday day and evening, we need more fruity gins as that’s what sold out first from the wall of gin.

We are looking in to being able to take card payments at the bars so you won’t need to queue up to buy tokens if paying by plastic which hopefully will cut down some of the queues at the front door.

We are already talking to a couple of bands having seen some great gigs the other day but only one confirmed. Let us know who you would like to see, who’s great on the local scene?

What about the food offering? Anything else you would like to see? We loved Viva La Toastie in 2017 and would love to get them back, we are also on the hunt for someone that does amazing juicy, dirty burgers…if you’ve seen any locally then let us know and we will get in touch.We need to speak to our other traders and see who’s available to be a part of Berries, Beans & Beer in 2019 – we love the combination of beer, gin, rum, wine, coffee, soda and cider – is there anything that’s missing?Go for it…give us your comments and recommendations.

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