The pain of ordering festival glasses!

Glasses are expensive especially when you want them printed with your logo on. We underestimated how many we needed this year so while there’s time on our hands and a lull we are getting organised and ordering another (expensive!) pallet of them.

We spent an age deliberating on the style of glass; originally we looked at separate gin and beer glasses but then saw some Belgian style beer glasses at a beer festival in Amsterdam that seemed so perfect for both so asked our glass supplier if they could match them, and they did. It was a pretty unique brief, we should be on commission for the number of places copying this great idea!

The glassware is as much a part of the brand as the Berries, Beans & Beer logo – one great glass for everything. And we love that so many of you use yours at home for “best”.

We always keep a few pint glasses on site too but Berries, Beans & Beer isn’t a beer festival; it’s a drinks festival with a twist and we go with the smaller measure to encourage you to try something new.

Berries, Beans & Beer will be back on 26th & 27th April 2019.

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