Plans galore!

We pull the dust covers off Berries Beans & Beer – the drinks festival with a twist and crank up the planning and organisation to get this show on the road for 2019!

Our sponsorship brochure will be out in circulation soon, there’s all sorts of opportunities to get involved and see your brand associated with Crewe’s hottest festival. After a packed out event in 2018, we’re building to create a fabulous 2019 event.

We’ve already got most of our gin and rum list sorted but an evening needs putting in the diary to start pulling our beer list together. We pride ourselves on mixing together some local brews, some easy drinking session beers and then mixing in some lagers, something for the dark beer lovers and some big hitting hoppy IPAs along with our weird, wild and wacky section with sours.

The beer taps get very much bolstered by Otter’s Tears. The Burslem based bottle shop brings a great range of unique and rare bottled beers which you can drink in at the festival or grab some to take home on your way out.

We’ve got our food stalls booked; some new, some old, some that can do one day only but either way you’ll be well fed and supporting local businesses. We will drip feed some information about who’s with us over the next few weeks.

We need to get our other bar stalls all booked in and on board plus figure out our cocktail list.

The music slots are largely filled, all new bands for us this year but we are keeping some of our previous performers in mind for future years. We’ll be posting more details about those soon too.

We’ve got to recruit and sign up some volunteers, if you’d like to help out and become part of our great team then get in touch. Our volunteer form will go live soon.

Our online ticketing will launch in a few weeks and once it’s finished, so will our mobile app.

It’s a slow build up to a fantastic weekend 🙂

Start spreading the news, we’re back for Berries Beans & Beer in 2019 on Friday 26th and Saturday 27th April!