Hasbean Coffee

We had a great meeting with Hasbean yesterday and excited to have them back along for #bbbCrewe 2019.

For the South Cheshire Chamber of Commerce and Industry members joining us for #FinalFriday on 26th April you’re in for some great coffee along with breakfast muffins from Baked by Gill too. You’ll need to register through the Chamber portal if you’re coming along.

Once we open at 5pm on Friday and then all day Saturday from 12 to 11pm you can get free filter coffee non stop with different varieties to choose from. When you find your favourite you can always buy a bag of coffee beans to take home too.

#bbbCrewe is getting closer, here’s hoping HasBean have a great time at the London Coffee Festival. 🙂

Berries Beans and Beer, the drinks festival with a twist, is at the Crewe Heritage Centre on Friday 26th April (5 – 11pm) and Saturday 27th April (12 – 11pm). Tickets are £5 per day plus a £3 glass deposit, bars take payment in tokens available from the front desk or by card. Skip the queue and get your tickets and tokens online in advance at:

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