Introducing the organiser

So I’m Michelle. I’m the person largely responsible for Berries Beans & Beer – Crewe and I thought I’d tell you a bit about me and why this all happens.

Crewe might seem an unusual choice for a festival like this, it’s not on the map hugely for events like Nantwich is with the food festival and jazz festival but that’s why it’s the perfect choice. Something on the doorstep for local people when there aren’t a huge many other options about. We do get people travelling from further afield due to the quality of what’s on offer but this is largely a local event and the Crewe Heritage Centre works brilliantly for us as a big open space. 

My background is originally in IT followed by running a multi award winning pub with brewery and then Offbeat Brewery here in #Crewe. I always planned a full calendar at the pub and the brewery with numerous different events and pulling the first#bbbCrewe together in 2017 was a big step up.

Part of why Berries Beans & Beer comes together is I’m working with friends and people that I’ve built great relationships with the last couple of years. It’s easier to run an event where everyone cooperates rather than fighting egos who think they should get a bigger shout out. I give all our bands and stall holders an equal billing, many of them share all our posts, some share some of them, some get on with doing their own thing and that’s fine by me either way.

The volunteers have become friends. Some I knew before we first started, some are brand new this year and some I’ve got to know over the past couple of years. Without them the event couldn’t happen. The Heritage Centre are pretty awesome too, they’re largely a volunteer group and every time I ask a question or a “could we do xyz?” they’re overwhelmingly supportive.

These days now I’m not brewing I run my own balloon company which has rocketed off at Balloons by Michelle Shipman. On top of that I’m running a couple of social media contracts and website projects too. For everyone involved in #bbbCrewe its a part time thing, involving days off full time jobs, shops or time out from studies. The fact that these people come back to help and want to be a part of it time and time again is what makes me keep doing it, that people love to help out and make the event a success is such a huge motivator!

Along with beer ordering my next project is getting the app finished so you can get it downloaded and start planning what you want to drink! I’m populating it with as much information as I get in from the bars and food stalls so it will evolve.

If you’ve any questions about Berries Beans & Beer let me know and I’ll endeavour to answer them as soon as I can.

Michelle x

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