All done for 2019

The invoices are paid, everything is back in storage, we’re taking it a bit easier as the aches and pains from the weekend pass!

We hope you enjoyed Berries Beans & Beer this year. It’s been a different one, the first one we’ve had to deal with much rain so plans had to change rapidly but with three great bands and the food stalls inside it seemed to work.

The beers are always going to start running down on Saturday night, by the time we closed we had put all the reserves on and still had 16 beers on tap, there wasn’t much left admittedly but still a good choice of some great beers!

So next we take some time off, we start looking at some different bands for 2020, doing boring things like getting quotations for insurance, looking at some different food stalls and mixing things up. We keep working on the look and feel of the festival, we want to be able to soften the lighting up in the Heritage Centre. Maybe we aren’t taking time off after all!

If you’ve anything you’d like to feedback to us then please do!

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