The Bars

Our bars are what Berries Beans & Beer is built around and we pride ourselves on bringing a great mix together.

Our great team of volunteers run the craft beer, gin, rum and soft drinks bars and then we bring in other traders to provide wine, cider, bottle beers and coffee.  We aim to have a mix of drinks with something for everyone – it’s always a bit of a guess as to what’s going to be the most popular and sell out first so we aim for an even spread and variety.

Our Beer Bar is split up into easy navigable sections so instead of hunting by brewery name we split things up according to beer styles like ‘light and hoppy’ and ‘weird wacky wild’.  Our glasses are half pints to encourage you to try different things although we do have pint glasses at the front desk if you would prefer.

The wall of Gin is a thing of beauty – 75 hand selected gins on optic with a variety of garnishes and tonics available.  Experience has taught us that the fruit forward and interesting blends are popular as you can get a standard gin and tonic any place so we’re adding more and more interesting flavours year on year with some classic London and Portsmouth styles too.

The Rum Bar was a new addition and a sell out in 2018 with a couple of well crafted cocktails in the mix too.  The rum selection is going to keep growing and look out for our great range of mixers with these.