Sponsor Us

The chance for your business to be seen by 20,000 visitors online and hundred in person supporting this great, local event in Crewe.

If you like the visual stuff we’ve a great brochure detailing all our sponsorship opportunities available online here or give Michelle a ring on 07502 096 438 and we can drop a copy round to you.

Get your advertisement in front of the attendees in our programme, your logo on our volunteers’ tshirts, your company name tied in with the music from 3 great, local bands.  Here’s what’s available in the table below plus read on for our unique First Past The Post which enables you to support your favourite charity at the same time.  

Please get in contact with us through the Contact Form at the bottom of the page.

Logo on Staff T Shirts X
Your Banner On Site X X X
Company Social Profile X X X
Beer in First Past The Post X X
Announced Band Sponsor X
Logo on Visitor Wristbands X
Programme Advertising 1/4 Page 1/4 Page 1/2 Page Full Page
COST £70 £100 £200 £500


This year local businesses are being offered the chance to get involved in the event while benefiting a charity of their choice with a unique sponsorship opportunity with an exciting twist.  Every sponsor will be paired with one of the beers appearing on the bar this year, in an FA Cup-style draw, before “competing” for their matched beer to be the first to sell out in the “First Past The Post” competition. The winning sponsor won’t just get the kudos of being the fastest selling beer of the festival and a beer or gin tasting session at Offbeat Brewery; they will also see their chosen charity benefiting from a portion of the sponsorship contributions up to the sum of £350. What better excuse to bring a crowd along and give your beer some “encouragement” in a fun atmosphere?!

Every paired charity automatically gets £10 plus an additional £10 for every beer sponsored will go to the winner of the beer that’s First Past The Post.  A bit of fun, great social media exposure and your chance to give back.  This is open to individuals as well as businesses.

All organisations and individuals taking a sponsorship package will receive a VAT included invoice from Offbeat Brewery.  The deadline for all artwork and invoice payment is Friday 6th April.