Gin Bar

We sorted them alphabetically and recommend a garnish and mixer.
All gins are £4 per 25ml and mixers £1.

1. 6 O’Clock with lemon and Elderflower Tonic. A fresh citrus gin with delicate floral tones, clean and smooth.
2. Adnams Copperhead Sloe with lemon & Sicilian Lemon. Ruby red, gentle aromas of red plums with a hint of marzipan.
3. Akori with juniper berries and Indian Tonic. Exotic botanic elements; dragon fruit, kumquat, ginger, juniper berries.
4. Ampersand with lemon and Mediterranean Tonic. With juniper, angelica, pepper, hand-peeled lemons & sun-dried oranges.
5. Aviation with mint, strawberry and Indian Tonic. Beautiful lavender flavours, and citrus with sweet grains and earthiness.
6. Bakewell Cherry & Almond with cherry, lime and Indian Tonic. Juniper, cubeb, cardamom, hibiscus flowers, cherry & almond.
7. Black Dog with cucumber and Mediterranean Tonic. Strong citrus notes, flashes of wild flowers, finished with red berries.
8. Blackwoods Vintage Dry with lime and Indian Tonic. Abundance of citrus on the nose with gentle floral notes to follow.
9. Blue Monkey with lime and Indian Tonic. A smooth, easy drinking, London gin.
10. Boodles with lemon and Indian Tonic. A mellow, subtle spirit with the pineynotes from juniper to the fore.
11. Boe Violet with blueberry and Indian Tonic. Infused with violets for a stylish, light, delicate taste with a beautiful colour.
12. Boxer with mint, pink grapefruit and Indian Tonic. A classic London Dry deftly combining citrus, juniper and spices.
13. BR Essential with orange, pink pepper & Indian Tonic. A delicate and subtle bouquet of thyme, juniper and Jamaican pepper.
14. Braeckmans Lemon Jenever best served neat over ice. A characterful lemon jenever, with a high fruit juice content.
15. Brecon Special Reserve with coriander, lime & Mediterranean Tonic. Big, traditional juniper led gin with citrus notes.
16. Brockmans with blueberries & Ginger Ale or Mediterranean. Coriander married with softer notes of blueberry & blackberry.
17. Cage with lemon and Indian Tonic. Fresh juniper and creamy angelica, with a sweet, grassy touch of lemon grass and eucalyptus.
18. Caorunn with apple and Indian Tonic. Taste of wild sophistication, spices, citrus and floral notes in abundance.
19. Conker with lime and Indian Tonic. A dry, light gin. Gorse flowers & elderberries are melded with pine of juniper & samphire.
20. Darnleys View with lemon, coriander & Indian Tonic. A fresh, floral, vibrant, citrus gin.
21. Dyffi Pollination with juniper, mint, lime & Indian Tonic. 29 botanicals, some imported & some foraged from Dyfi Biosphere.
22. Edinburgh Seaside with samphire & Indian Tonic. Foraged botanicals complemented by spice notes.
23. Ely Dark Chocolate with orange & Orange Juice. Hit of gin & chocolate together creates a warming & enjoyable whole.
24. Fahrenheit with lemon & Indian Tonic. Beautifully crafted French gin, dry, smooth with citrus notes.
25. Ferdinands Quince with apple and Indian Tonic. A regional homage to sloe gin; pear quinces and then infused with riesling.
26. Fifty Pounds with lemon & Indian Tonic. Juniper, spearmint & almond essence top notes with citrus peel and star anise below.
27. Foragers with lemon & Indian Tonic. Soft juniper followed by fresh sweetness of apple and elderberry.
28. G is for Gin with lime & Elderflower Tonic. Foraged botanicals complemented by spice notes.
29. Gin Sea with orange, mint & Mediterranean Tonic. Juniper is mellowed, sweetness from candied ginger & chamomile.
30. Gold 999.9 with apple and Indian Tonic. Modern, floral botanicals of mandarin, violet, poppy, and tonka bean.
31. Gordon Castle with lemon, mint & Indian Tonic. Lavender notes with mint giving a clean refreshing character.
32. G’Vine Nouaison with grape and Indian Tonic. Aromas of distilled spices, retaining a sensual & silky grape base.
33. Haswell with lemon or orange, try it neat over ice or with Indian Tonic. Beautifully balanced with a pronounced intensity.
34. Hayman’s Sloe try neat or with Indian Tonic. Rich ruby red liqueur bursting with smooth & intense bitter sweet fruit.
35. Hendricks with Cucumber and Indian Tonic. Cucumber & Bulgarian rose petal essence gives light, clean floral refreshing gin.
36. Hunters Cheshire with lime and Indian Tonic. Citrus overtones with a spicy, fruity edge, mellowed by a hint of cinnamon
37. Ish with lime, orange & Indian Tonic. Fabulous London Dry with a light almond, almost cherry-like touch.
38. Jinzu with apple & Indian Tonic. Blend of English gin & sake with juniper, coriander, angelica, yuzu & Japanese cherry blossoms.
39. K-25 with rosemary and Indian Tonic. Fantastically citrusy with bitter and sweet orange, lemon, mandarin and coriander.
40. Lone Wolf with lemon and Mediterranean Tonic. A huge blend of herbs, spices and citrus fruits.
41. Macronesian White with lemon, orange & Mediterranean Tonic. Lovely citrus character with juniper and spice.
42. Malfy Blood Orange with orange & Mediterranean Tonic. Citrus sweetness, vanilla and a touch of tart grapefruit.
43. Manchester Three Rivers with dried apricots, rosemary & Indian Tonic. Gently aromatic, rich & creamy.
44. Marianna with lime & Indian Tonic. Beautiful Spanish gin with citrus notes.
45. Martin Miller with orange and Indian Tonic. Sherbet orange dominates on both the nose & palate hiding the bold juniper.
46. Mascaro 9 with orange & Mediterranean Tonic. Juniper combines with fresh aromatic citrus notes & hints of black pepper.
47. Masters Selection with grapefruit and Mediterranean Tonic. Aromatic, delicate, notes of wild berries, juniper & herbs.
48. Mikkeller Botanical with orange and Indian Tonic. A hoppy gin with an added zesty, lemony touch.
49. Nelson’s Rhubarb Custard with sweets & Indian Tonic. Infused with sweet rhubarb, Madagascan vanilla brings custard.
50. No. 0 with lemon and Indian Tonic. Juniper berries, natural citrus notes, cinnamon, liquorice and angelica.
51. Nura with lemon and Indian Tonic. Smooth, balanced and citrus notes gin.
52. Opihr with chilli (or lime) & Indian Tonic. A handsome gin that’s playfullu spiced, refreshing with citrus and spice.
53. Oxford 1970 with lemon & Sicilian Lemon. Mild, pleasant,hints of citrus, ginger & chamomile. Complex, round and long finish.
54. Persian Blue with strawberries & Indian Tonic. Traditional botanicals but the inclusion of Marshmallow Root brings sweetness.
55. Poetic License Strawberries & Cream with strawberries & Elderflower Tonic. Deep red, fruity, delicious.
56. Rambla 41 with orange and Mediterranean Tonic. A fruity feel, with a fine creamy texture thanks to the herbs and almonds.
57. Saffron with orange and Indian Tonic. Spicy and sophisticated gin from France.
58. Sibling with orange and Light Tonic. Delivers notes of fresh citrus, creamy vanilla and bright, fruity blueberry.
59. Sikkim Strawberry with strawberry and Indian Tonic. Aromatic, juicy gin combining strawberries and cranberries.
60. Silverback with orange and Indian Tonic. Bursting with citrus and lightly floral. Wonderfully fresh and modern.
61. Sipsmith VJOP with lime & Indian Tonic. Juniper dominates, joined by rich chocolate, cedar wood & zesty orange.
62. Slingsby Rhubarb with raspberry and Elderflower Tonic. Initial sweetness of rhubarb followed by tang of grapefruit base.
63. Solway Apple Caramel with apple and Indian Tonic. Juicy apples, sweet caramel and cinnamon combined.
64. Steampunk Angel Of The North with lime and Mediterranean Tonic. 1 of only 500 bottles, crisp, citrus & bitter orange.
65. Tarquin’s with grapefruit and Mediterranean Tonic. Beautiful orange blossom in the middle of a pine forest.
66. That Boutiquey Cherry with cherry and Indian Tonic or Cola (!). Subtly chocolate followed by tartness of sour cherries.
67. Thomas Dakin orange and Mediterranean Tonic. Delicious, juniper-forward, savoury with citrus and a slight pepperiness.
68. Tiger with orange & Indian Tonic. Strikingly smooth and sweet! Encompasses floral, fruity and spicy, being fabulously fragrant.
69. Tinker Pink with strawberry & Elderflower Tonic. Refreshing, light, delicate with beautiful burst of fresh strawberries.
70. Turncoat Cascade with lemon and Indian Tonic. A unique and intense citrus gin. A piney complexity with citrus notes.
71. Two Birds Strawberry Vanilla with strawberry and Elderflower Tonic. Sweet summer berry balanced by creamy vanilla.
72. Vones with lemon, lime & Indian Tonic. Sweet creamy mouthfeel with a wonderfully fruity body & slightly bitter aftertaste.
73. Walcher La Vita e Bella with lemon & Mediterranean Tonic. Very fresh with notes of lemon and mandarin.
74. West Winds Sabre with lemon and Indian Tonic. Lemon myrtle and lime peel weave through this unmissable gin.
75. Whitley Neill with orange and Indian Tonic. Exceptionally smooth, rich juniper, citrus, potpourri & exotic spice.
76. William Chase Elegant Crisp with apple & Indian Tonic. Distilled from apples, aromas of juniper, citrus fruit & spices.
77. William Chase Seville Orange with orange & Indian Tonic. Citrussy gin, full, sweet body with just a touch of elderflower.
78. Xellent with grapefruit & Indian Tonic. Highly fragrant, refreshing herbal gin.
79. Xoriguer Mahon with lemon, juniper & Indian Tonic. Floral, aromatic with herbaceous and warm notes to taste.
80. Seedlip.