Rum Bar

New to the 2018 Berries, Beans & Beer lineup.
All rums are £4 per 25ml.
Mix them up with Fever Tree Mediterranean Cola £1, Bundaberg Ginger Beer £1.50

1. Admirals Old J Based around the vibrant flavours of Persian lime and vanilla paired with classic rum notes.

2. Atlantico Reserva Tropical fruit and luxurious molasses notes with a good helping on oaky spice at the core.

3. Bohran made from freshly pressed sugar cane, aged in a range of casks; former American whiskey, sherry and port barrels.

4. Bombo 40 Caramel and Spices Thick with caramel, cinnnamon & zesty fruit notes. A little bit of citrus peel tucked away.

5. Burning Barn Smoked Rum Intensely smoky rum with hints of burnt treacle and apples.

6. Dark Matter Full-bodied notes of long pepper, fresh ginger, green peppercorns and allspice.

7. Dead Man’s Fingers Cornish Spiced Rum Pineapple, Seville orange, dried raisins dusted with cinnamon and black pepper.

8. Elements 8 Vendome Oaky and sweet with notes of buttery vanilla and honey.

9. Kraken Spiced Slightly sweet, cola-like vanilla spicy palate, espresso coffee, creamy caramel, cinnamon, cloves & gingerbread.

10. Liverpool Rum Cherry cola, brown sugar, juicy tropical fruit.

11. Old Salt Rum Rich treacle and smooth caramel form a sweet aroma. A big toffee’d beast with delicious syrupy notes.

12. One Love Caribbean Sweet vanilla and sticky treacle blend with warm oak tannins and lively spices.

13. Pirates Grog Milk chocolate buttons, dried fruit and a good whack of exotic spice.

14. Plantation Pineapple Honeydew melon, cola cubes, hint of Jamaican ginger cake. Authentic pineapple notes.

15. Salopian Spirits Strawberry Rum Caramel & smoky depths with Strawberry splashes that linger long after tasting.